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 Corrugated Singleface and Build-up Assemblies
Vanco is one of the few manufacturers of corrugated singleface rolls, sheets tubes, and other specialties located in the midwest market. These time tested materials have maintained thier value as an attractive and cost effective wrapping and cushioning grade of corrugated paper. This product is normally sold in rolls of 250 feet in a wide variety of widths, many of which are in stock for next day delivery. In addition, custom sizes are readily available with short lead times. Vanco also uses singleface corrugated in producing custom designed build-up blocks, pads and assemblies. One of these labor savings devices can often replace five or more scored sheets, die cuts, and other interior components that have to be folded and often taped or glued to maintain thier shape. Our engineers can provide specific details on how we may save you time and money by using corrugated build-up products. Singleface Rolls
Singleface Rolls

Corrugated Build-Up Assembly
Corrugated Build-Up Assembly

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